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Graduation project - Claudine à Paris - Elléa Bird
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Graduation project – Claudine à Paris

These are a bit old now, but I’d love to work on an updated version!

My main graduation project was an adaptation of Claudine à Paris by the French author Colette, which is one of my all times favorite books. I discovered Colette’s novels when I was around 8, and I’ve read them so many times since then I can’t even keep track. I enjoyed the Claudine series as a kid even if some parts were clearly beyond my understanding then, as a teenager because I could relate to Claudine in some ways, and i loved it even more after learning about feminism and understanding the context it was written in during the 1900s.


Des illustrations qui datent d’il y a quelques années maintenant, mais j’adorerais retravailler ce projet!

Voici quelques extraits de mon diplôme de fin d’études, une adaptation en roman graphique de Claudine à Paris de Colette.





1900, bd, claudine, colette